Zeitun 全天然Attar香油 "藍睡蓮"3ml

Zeitun 全天然Attar香油 "藍睡蓮"3ml

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Zeitun 全天然Attar香油 "藍睡蓮"3ml
It easy to fall, but almost impossible to break from the mystical magic works of blue lotus. Sacred plant of Middle East and Asia, it is symbol of eternal feminine beauty and youth.
Like a moon glade on a still water stretches to the horizon, blue lotus is a doorway to another reality, leading through chaos and entropy to the balance and enlightenment. Those who fall under its spell will always come back over and over again. A shining sapphire of oriental fragrances, it flows like a fresh river stream forming an absolutely unique truly mind-altering aroma.
Attar is a traditional highly concentrated perfume oil derived from all-natural sources with neither alcohol or synthetic components added.
Full list of ingredients: Sandalwood oil, Blue Lotus
奢侈的阿塔萃取法 (ATTAR):印度Attar蒸餾法,跟蒸餾法的差別僅在於冷卻桶中先注入檀香精油,因為印度人覺得花魂嬌柔易散,用男性的能量(檀香)承接,可以讓花魂穩定,陰陽調和。
蒸餾桶多設在大自然裡,冷卻桶也埋在天然的溪流水中,因為溫度刻意較低(約30-40度), 要萃出精油,必須如此重複蒸餾數十天,在大自然中慢慢萃出陰陽調和的快樂花魂。

Apply perfume with a glass rod (comes in the package inside the bottle) on the wrists, temples and neck. 1-2 drops are enough to keep the delicate aroma lingering for 12 hours. Attar can be applied to the hair by spreading attar drops in the palms and passing them through the hair, as well as, according to ancient Arab tradition - in the foveae on the back of the head.

以瓶蓋上的內附的玻璃捧取1-2滴, 分佈印在手腕,太陽穴和脖子, 香氣持久.



Shelf Life: 24 months from production date 




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