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MUKTI Organics

Our eponymous brand name originates from Sanskrit and means to liberate oneself from fear, ignorance and false knowledge. In Hindu, it means to be reborn. Since inception, the brand has had many evolutions with an ultimate goal to encapsulate the finest quality skincare ingredients, Inspired by Nature™.
This philosophy underpins our actions and approach to encompass sustainable, ethical and organic principles in everything that we do. Our ingredients are selected based on their functionality, effectiveness and safety and are used in viable percentages. We believe in potency as opposed to label claims. Our concentrated formulas do not contain fillers.
Independent third party certification by COSMOS and ACO assures that our products have been produced in a manner that's ecologically sustainable and harmonious. Our ingredients are source from a small network of suppliers that we have forged long-term relationships with and who we trust. Each certified organic ingredient is grown and harvested ethically and minimally so that the integrity of the plant is maintained delivering potency, quality and ultimately, visible results. 
External auditing is conducted annually and guarantees absolute ingredient compliance and transparency. No synthetic chemicals, processes or genetically modified (GMO) ingredients have been used in our certified organic product lines.
The small berries, nuts, roots, leaves and seeds of our indigenous flora pack a powerful punch with incredibly high levels of antioxidants, vitamins and other nutrients essential for the nourishment and regeneration of skin cells. Indigenous plants have learnt to adapt to the harsh Australian climatic conditions, and as a result, are potent receptacles and storehouses brimming with an abundance of bioactive constituents.
Our advanced extraction methods allow us to replicate these extracts as they have existed in nature for billions of years. It maintains the integrity and delicate balance between the cell environment and the liquid medium into which the plant extracts are dispersed, encapsulating their bioactive compounds without degrading or disrupting the plant biomatrix. A botanical extract in its purest form should mimicry the true blueprint of a plant so that the phytoactive compounds and derivatives are presented in a delivery system that is stable, potent and multifunctional. 
Peptides are short chain amino acids that naturally occur in the skin and act as messengers. When topically applied, they can send a signal to regulate and produce new collagen, leading to the appearance of younger, more supple skin. Peptides can also act to strengthen other proteins in our skin such as keratin and elastin.
Some peptides have demonstrated a remarkable skin smoothing and nourishing effect, while others can improve the appearance of wrinkles, loss of firmness, and soften the look of expression lines. They play a key role in skin healing and counteract the visible signs of ageing and damage from pollutants and free radicals.
Individual peptides can communicate a different skincare task such as improving skin colour, hydration, firming skin or making new fibroblasts. When synergistically combined, and used in conjunction with other key actives, their age-defying benefits are amplified.
Our violet glass packaging protects our formulations by filtering out harmful rays of light.  Biophotonic glass assists with maintaining product efficacy and protects the formulations over an extended period. It is the most optimal form of packaging currently available. 
Our face, body and hair care products are independently certified Vegan and by Choose Cruelty Free in Australia. Our raw materials are not tested on animals. Our Bioactive Collagen Booster is derived from marine collagen and is a by-product of sustainable fishing.
We believe tithing is an important aspect of any business. We have chosen i=change as our global platform. It primarily focuses on issues faced by disadvantaged women and girls. It allows for you to choose your charity and of course to donate more if you can.
Our formulations contain bioactive native Australian extracts that are brimming with an abundance of naturally occurring polyphenols vitamins, antioxidants and minerals.
MUKTI ORGANICS品牌源於梵語,意味著將自己從恐懼,解放出來。 在印度教中,它意味著重生。 
自成立以來,該品牌已經進行了許多改進,最終目標是用上最優質的護膚成分,靈感來自Nature™。我們的成分根據其功能,有效性和安全性進行選擇,並以可行的百分比使用。 我們相信效力而不是標籤聲明。 我們的濃縮配方不含填充物。
品牌取用澳洲的本土植物的小漿果,堅果,根,葉和種子包含強大的抗氧化劑,維生素和其他營養和皮膚細胞再生所必需的營養素。土著植物已經學會適應惡劣的澳大利亞氣候條件,因此,它們是富含強效生物活性成分。品牌探用先進的提取方法, 它保持其生物活性化合物而不降解或破壞植物生物基質。最純淨形式的植物提取物應模仿植物的真實藍圖,以便植物活性化合物和衍生物以穩定,有效和多功能的遞送系統呈現。
好多品牌會標榜某2-3個主要成份為產品的星級成分, 不過, 要留意的是那些標註的成分在成分表的排名次序. 
Ingredients (IN) 中, 一般分為3大部分, 成分表排行次序在前方, 代表成分表佔最多. 
有一個重要點: 活性成分應要排在成分表的中間以上位置 !! 
TOP THREE 頭3個成分: 成分比例佔產品80-95%, 所以, Mukti 非常強調不會用”aqua”在產品中. 
Serum ~ 基本用上有機蘆薈做base, 第2-3個成分就是植物萃取. 
MIDDLE THREE 中間3個成份: 成分佔比 4-12%, 一般會由油分, 活性成分, 乳化劑等構成. 
FINAL THREE 最佳3個成分: 成分佔比1-4%, 一般是防腐劑, 香料, 隱定劑等等. 
MUKTI的紫羅蘭色玻璃包裝通過過濾掉有害的光線來保護產品的配方。 生物光子玻璃有助於保持產品功效並在較長時間內保護配方。 它是目前最佳的包裝形式。
肽是短鏈氨基酸,天然存在於皮膚中並充當信使。 當局部應用時,它們可以發出信號來調節和產生新的膠原蛋白,從而使皮膚看起來更年輕,更柔軟。 肽還可以加強我們皮膚中的其他蛋白質,如角蛋白和彈性蛋白。一些肽已經顯示出顯著的皮膚光滑和滋養效果,而其他肽可以改善皺紋的外觀,緊緻度。 它們在皮膚癒合中發揮關鍵作用,抵消衰老和污染物和自由基損害的明顯跡象。單個肽可以傳達不同的護膚任務,例如改善膚色,保濕,緊緻皮膚或製造新的成纖維細胞。 當協同組合,並與其他關鍵活性物質一起使用時,它們的抗衰老益處被放大。
- Mukti

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MUKTI Organics Vitamin Booster 維他命A 30ml -5%
MUKTI Organics Vitamin Booster 維他命A 30ml     適合什麼肌..
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MUKTI Organics Vitamin Booster 維他命B 30ml -5%
MUKTI Organics Vitamin Booster 維他命B 30ml        ..
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MUKTI Organics Vitamin Booster 維他命C 30ml -5%
MUKTI Organics Vitamin Booster 維他命C 30ml   適合什麼肌膚 ? 皮膚出現衰老跡象和緊緻度減低。  ..
HKD680.00 HKD646.00
MUKTI Organics 天然草本洗髮水 Botanique Shampoo 500ml -5% Pre-Order
MUKTI Organics 天然草本洗髮水 Botanique Shampoo 500ml 有機草本提取物,性質溫和及保濕 有效去..
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MUKTI Organics 天然草本潔手沐浴液 Botanique Wash 500ml -5% Pre-Order
MUKTI Organics 天然草本潔手沐浴液 Botanique Wash 500ml 注入紅花苜蓿,橄欖葉,洋甘菊和具舒緩功效的蘆薈 ..
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MUKTI Organics 天然草本護髮素 Botanique Conditioner 500ml -5% Pre-Order
MUKTI Organics 天然草本護髮素 Botanique Conditioner 500ml 性質溫和的植物配方,富含草本提取物有助柔順髮絲..
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MUKTI Organics 平衡鎮靜抗氧面霜 50ml -5%
MUKTI Organics 平衡鎮靜抗氧面霜 50ml   適合什麼肌膚 ? 中性和混合性皮膚, 尤其缺水性皮膚及T字位偶爾爆發痘痘。 ..
HKD480.00 HKD456.00
MUKTI Organics 微針滾輪 Microneedle Dermal Roller -5%
MUKTI Organics 微針滾輪 Microneedle Dermal Roller 再生復原 - 膠原蛋白增生, 改善不均勻膚色, 細紋及皺紋 0.25mm -..
HKD360.00 HKD342.00
MUKTI Organics 抗氧面部奧米加3*6*9精華油 30ml -5%
MUKTI Organics 抗氧面部奧米加3*6*9精華油 30ml   適合甚麼肌膚? 所有類型的皮膚 具甚..
HKD520.00 HKD494.00
MUKTI Organics 有機二合一重塑磨砂霜 2-In-1 Resurfacing Exfoliant 200ml -5% Pre-Order
MUKTI Organics 有機二合一重塑磨砂霜 2-In-1 Resurfacing Exfoliant 200ml 化學加物理去角質,重塑肌膚,回復光滑..
HKD520.00 HKD494.00
MUKTI Organics 有機極緻柔滑保濕霜 Hydrating Moisturizer 50ml -5%
MUKTI Organics 有機極緻柔滑保濕霜 Hydrating Moisturizer 50ml   • 柔滑的保濕霜,能..
HKD480.00 HKD456.00
MUKTI Organics 有機橙花平衡噴霧 Orange Blossom Balancing Mist 100ml -5% Pre-Order
MUKTI Organics 有機橙花平衡噴霧 Orange Blossom Balancing Mist 100ml 充滿橙花及柑橘香氣、多用途的平衡噴霧 ..
HKD360.00 HKD342.00
MUKTI Organics 有機深層潔淨面膜 Deep Cleanse Antioxidant 100ml -5% Pre-Order
MUKTI Organics 有機深層潔淨面膜 Deep Cleanse Antioxidant 100ml 主要為皮膚排毒,去除死皮,改善膚色 ..
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MUKTI Organics 有機玫瑰保濕噴霧 Rose Blossom Hydrating Mist 100ml -5% Pre-Order
MUKTI Organics 有機玫瑰保濕噴霧 Rose Blossom Hydrating Mist 100ml 含多種舒緩、調節、滋潤的營養噴霧 ..
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MUKTI Organics 逆齡抗皺夜間緊緻精華 30ml -5%
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HKD720.00 HKD684.00
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