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**Alena Akhmadullina** Collection

**Alena Akhmadullina** Collection

Natura Siberica by Alena Akhmadullina (Натура Сиберика Алена Ахмадуллина)

A unique plant, frosty Lemongrass , is one of the most famous adaptogens on our planet. In order to survive in the harsh Siberian cold, he concentrates in itself the rare essential oils, vitamins and antioxidants. The inhabitants of the North and far east of the Lemongrass is considered the strongest and vitamin tonic popular means. Hunters-Nanai are dried berries, a handful of which gives them the opportunity to hunt the whole day without eating.



Inspired by the endless snowy expanses and untouched beauty of nature Siberia live energy and unique properties of Nanai Lemongrass, I created an exclusive cosmetic series specifically for Natura Siberica.

Alena Akhmadullina
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**Alena Akhmadullina** Energy and Vitamins Hair Growth Spray -39%
**Alena Akhmadullina** Energy and Vitamins Hair Growth Spray 125ml   Al..
HKD129.00 HKD79.00
**Alena Akhmadullina** Energy Makeup Remover Mousse -47%
**Alena Akhmadullina** Energy Makeup Remover Mousse 150ml Description Gentle mousse clean..
HKD129.00 HKD69.00
Natura Siberica Hand Cream energy and nourishment 75ml Pre-Order
Natura Siberica Hand Cream "energy and nourishment" 75ml Included in the cream, natural extra..
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